We’re always striving to improve our app!

⭐️ Version 1.1.0


Add widgets! Your current affirmation now on your home screen 💟 All sizes supported 🤩

⭐️ Version 1.0

Initial Release

  • 100+ positive affirmations in 6 categories
  • Make it your own: edit, delete, add your own, save your favorites… This is your app.
  • Timely Notifications: let the app remind you your affirmation throughout the day to get the full effect.
  • Share your affirmations: send your favorite affirmations to your friends with beautiful imagery.
  • Total Privacy: your data is entirely your own. 0 data treated, 0 data collected. Any modification you make is saved locally on your device exclusively.
  • No user account: no filling out your email, your full name, the age of your grandma… Just download the app, launch it, you’re ready to go!
  • No internet needed: use the app wherever you are, no data plan or signal needed! On a trip, on a desert island… you’re set.
  • Available in French and English (US) and more languages to come!
  • Voice Over Support: every element has been implemented to provide the best possible experience for Voice Over users.
  • Dark Mode Support: your app matches your esthetic!